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Safety & Security

In order to ensure that The Community Village is a safe & welcoming environment for everyone, we require that within our site there be:

- No Sleeping

- No Soliciting

- No Verbal Abuse

- No Lewd Behavior

- No Loitering

Our tenant agencies, user-groups, neighbours and community members can play a big role in helping to keep our 'village' safe. Please report ANY activity you see that contradicts this code of conduct. If you see:

Fire / Violence / Emergency
CALL 9-1-1

Alcohol / Drugs / Solicitation / Loitering
Call RCMP at 780-830-5700

Call Report-A-John at 780-830-7077

Reporting of ALL incidents (even those not perceived to be immediately dangerous) is crucial to deterring these kinds of behaviours from continuing.

Once an incident is reported to appropriate authorities, please also contact TCV Facility Manager as soon as possible.

Phone 780-532-4494 or Download an Incident Report Form Here