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Guiding Principles


Guiding Principles

Accessibility - our organizations provide a welcoming environment of accessible services and programs that promote empowerment and mutual support.

Collaboration - our organizations make committed and vigorous efforts to listen and learn from each other to strengthen and enhance the long-term sustainability of our services and programs for the community.

Partnership - our organizations make efforts to work collectively for the common good while maintaining the diverse character of our individual agencies.

Lateral Leadership - our organizations value mutuality and reciprocity in all our work.

Harm Reduction - this community of organizations recognizes the respective missions of the founding partners and strives to support all missions and members within a philosophy of harm reduction.

Harm reduction - is a respectful approach that values people for who they are and where they are at in their lives.  Although people may be involved in negative or unhealthily behaviours, the individual is never seen to hold less value than a person who may not be engaged in such behaviours.  Relationships are built from a place of non-judgment in order to slowly reduce the harm the person may be causing to himself or herself or the community.  It is from this place of self-worth and empowerment that people can truly make changes in their own lives, develop new skills and expand their learning.